January 28, 2021

Steady Sleeve Series
Simple and economical all steel kind of gear coupling constructed using a single sleeve and two hubs
Comparatively very simple installation
Precision reduce 20° pressure angle gear teeth with minimum backlash
Most common configurations can be found as stock things
Angular misalignment of 1/2° per gear mesh (flex-plane)
Sizes 7/8 through 12, to accommodate bore sizes up to and such as 12.50 inches
Interference match (conventional) and Clearance fit on bores can be found
Load Capacities vary from two,500 in-lbs up to 2,520,000 in-lbs
Styles for applications requiring horizontal and vertical orientation, full-flex, flex-rigid, mill-motor, disengagement, sliding hubs, Shear Pin, floating shaft, and spacers
Patented and tested BUNA N seal layout with reinforced washers bonded to your within edges which positively retain lubricant and seal the interior from outdoors contaminants
Reinforced rubber seals with snap rings to hold in lubricant
Two snap rings made of hardened spring steel which securely hold the coupling together, are effortless to install or eliminate, but withstand 100,000 pounds of finish thrust
Inch and Metric bore sizes out there
Flanged Sleeve Series
Patented tooth type for prolonged coupling lifestyle
Precision lower 20° pressure angle gear teeth with minimal backlash
All steel sleeves and hubs (stainless steel available)
Types for applications requiring horizontal and vertical orientation
Most standard configurations are available as stock products
Angular misalignment of 1-1/2° per gear mesh (flex-plane) as much as size five.5, 3/4° for sizes six and over
Coupling sizes offered as a result of size 30 to accommodate bore sizes as much as and like 44 inches
Interference match (regular) and Clearance fit on bores can be found
Load capacities vary from 7,600 in-lbs as much as 47,269,000 in-lbs
Exposed bolts conventional on all sizes, shrouded available by request as much as size 6
Normal bolts supplied are handled to be corrosion resistant
Flanged sleeve couplings are interchangeable with business requirements
Piloted gear match for higher speeds and less vibration
Labyrinth all steel seal design and style in FL series
Inch and Metric bore sizes obtainable
Normal Kinds and Sizes
Sier-Bath couplings are stocked in an assortment of configurations which include things like C and F regular hubs and sleeves, Mill Motor hubs, Vertical type, Floating Shaft, and Spacer models. ’s excellent engineering employees make it attainable to assistance numerous added coupling forms such because the Brakedrum type, Sliding Hub kind, Shear Pin form, Jordan style, and custom lengths for non common shaft separations. Additional dimension ranges and designs to meet unusual application demands may also be manufactured by to meet marketplace demands. Materials can vary from conventional steel to alloy steel and in some cases stainless steel. The excellent simplicity of the coupling style and design make this all possible.
Misalignment and End-Float Capability
The fundamental principle of Sier-Bath C and F sort couplings is just like that of other typical flexible gear couplings. Even though it’s desirable to align shafts as accurately as is possible, the purpose of any versatile coupling will be to absorb probable angular, parallel, and axial (end-float) misalignment. Sier-Bath couplings make use of a unique gear tooth geometry designed especially to resolve difficulties with shaft misalignment and accommodate from 1/2° to 1-1/2° per gear mesh or flex plane. The hub teeth are entirely crowned to supply to get a bigger make contact with area and reduced stresses below misaligned problems. The crowned tooth layout also eliminates almost all of the finish loading that occurs on straight gear teeth beneath misalignment.